Tuesday, August 12, 2014

R.I.P. Robin Williams

I can't begin to explain or understand my thoughts on the passing of Robin Williams.  I'm at a loss for words on such a great talent dying at such a young age (really, 63 isn't that old), and also apparently by his own hands.  I've read the usual stories of his struggle with addiction, but one never sees the personal side to a celebrity.  You can never know how much of their public persona is an act.  But then, we all put on an act, depending on who we're dealing with.

We may never know the demons that he struggled with that would make him think that death was the only answer.  With such a brilliant and long-lasting career, a new wife, and three children, it's hard to think what he could be depressed about.  He was successful in every sense of the word, and could pretty much do anything that he wanted.

The biggest tragedy is those loved ones he left behind.  What must they be thinking on how he will no longer be in their lives and if there was anything they could have done to help him through this dark time of his?

Anyway, it's a sad day and a shame that he wasn't able to find the kind of help he needed to keep going.  He has left a legacy of film and charity work, and the world is a little bit darker without him.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Next draft of Those Who Remember and Storm Kids Book

The next draft is completed for my short story 'Those Who Remember.'  I took a little bit out, but I added a lot more to develop the conflict better like I talked about in a previous post.  It's a bit longer now with 6,359 words and about 23 pages.  I'll put it away again for about another week and do a final read through and see how it looks.  Then I'll look to see who wants to read it.

My Storm Kids children's book is coming along nicely and I've almost completed the first draft.  I should have it done by next week.  There is some growth for the main character which I don't think you see too often in a children's book.

I've also been continuing to work with Lannie on getting his new website up.  We set up his Google + page, and got some photos up for it and linked them to his website.  We also expanded more on the different pages explaining what groups of people he works with.  I also went over his tri-fold brochure and gave some input with changing up some of the copy for it.  It looks really good.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Storm Kids Book and Those Who Remember

It seems my Storm Kids Book is my go to short project right now.  It's a nice little story that is easier to go back and forth to since it's a shorter children's book.

I took a week off to let my new short story Those Who Remember simmer, and now it was time to start on draft two.  I started with reading it again, then addressing the concerns I had while writing the first draft.  Primarily how I think it needed more conflict.  The main character has a nice internal struggle, but I felt there needed to be more of a physical adversary as well.  There was already a minor character that supplied a little of that, so I just added more scenes with him in it.

I've also been helping Lannie get his personal website up (www.lcpart.com), with a gallery link showing his impressive collection of different forms and genres of art he's been doing over the years.  Take a look around at what he's been up too and look back often for more updates from him.

He has been working hard on getting his art school teaching business set up (www.artforlifeco.com) and I helped him yesterday (Happy Birthday Lannie), on getting a tri-fold brochure designed.  I have some experience now from the Deby's Gluten Free one I set up and it was nice to apply my knowledge to help him out.  This one is geared more towards schools since he's looking at that avenue (and others) for teaching.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Those Who Remember done, Giant Robot Short, WWII novel, Storm Kids Book, and website update

Yes, it's been a very busy week.

First, I completed the first draft of my new short story, "Those Who Remember."  It came in at 20 pages and 5,512 words.  I'll put it away for about a week, re-read it, and go over my re-write notes and begin on the next draft.  Overall I think it works, but it's been a long time since I read any short fiction, so I'm going to try and make some time this week to read a few stories.

Second, I went over my short film, "Giant Robot."  Another draft is done.  There were some tweaks and minor changes at this point, and I think it's still a funny read.  I'll be giving it out to the rest of the One-Eyed Pictures crew and get their thoughts on it.  I wrote it so it would be relatively easy to film and I hope we might be able to actually get this new short film done this year.  Fingers crossed.

Third, I'm getting geared up to ask for some readers for feedback on my "WWII Novel."  I worked on getting my initial pitch ready.  I had my wife go over it since she's been through all this before on her first novel, "Moonfall."  (Working Title)  It's about ready to go.

Fourth, I worked some more on my, "Storm Kids Book" while waiting to re-write my new short story.

Fifth, I've been working with Lannie on creating a new website that focuses on his art.  As I've been helping, I've come across a few things I didn't know you could do before, so I'm making some changes to my website.  It won't be anything too drastic, just some better visibility using page tabs to direct to external websites and adding some more information about us.

That wraps up this full writing week, what will the next week bring?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tri-Fold Brochure for Deby's Gluten Free Completed

On Sunday, I handed over my finished copy of their brochure.  They chose the color they wanted for the background and they had some minor changes.  But they changed the main focus of it.  They started with focusing on the Saturday fresh fare items exclusively.  Then they decided to think past the gluten free food fair and wanted less a focus on Saturday, and put more of their other products in.

I took a lot of copy off about Saturday and made room for their entree info on the left inside panel.  I made the bagel basket picture smaller on the center panel to make room for restaurant info.  Then I took everything off of the right panel and put on information about their breads and flour mixes.

I sent it back and they decided on a few more changes.  Today I handed over the final copy.  You can see how it turned out on my portfolio page.  It was a great learning experience and a big challenge, but I think it looks good.  The client is happy and that's the best news of all.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Update on Those Who Remember and Brochure writing

I'm on page 18 now with my short story.  I think I'm pretty close to the end, but it will definitely need another draft.  I've been taking down notes for places the story could be improved, I didn't want to go back too much and do some big changes until I have the first draft done.  It will need some more conflict and tenser moments, but the good part is I know what and where I'm going to add them in.

Work continues to progress nicely on the brochure.  I mentioned before how I read that printers suggest using the CMYK color option in Photoshop since it more accurately represents what they can print out.  I've been working on several options for two different colors.  I researched food and colors and found out that red and yellow are the most appetizing colors (hence why McDonald's uses them).  Also, green has a more organic vibe to it.  I used variations of yellow for one and green for another.  I think the yellow one looks better, but I always like to give options.  I spoke to a couple of printers and got some feedback on what they would need to print it out.  I think it's about done and I'll be e-mailing them the options and see what they think.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Continued Those Who Remember story and Brochure work

The story is coming along nicely now and I have 11 pages written.  One scene that I thought would be a few sentences ended up being a couple of pages.  It's funny sometimes when your writing takes off in a way you hadn't expected.

While I was waiting to see what design idea they liked for the business card sized ad, I worked a little more on the brochure.  I tweaked one of the images more, added some new copy, and began working a little on some background color ideas.

They chose the style they liked and picked out what information they wanted to have on it from the five different copy designs.  They wanted a cursive font to make it stand out more.  I thought cursive made it harder to read, but I gave them several options, including a couple that had a 'cursive feel' to it, but was more legible like block text.  They decided on the one that had a 'cursive feel' to it, modified the copy a little more, and I finished it yesterday.  You can find the final designs on my portfolio page.